Why Are Tile Roofs So Common In Coastal Areas?

27 February 2017
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Drive down the street in a coastal area, and you'll notice that most of the homes have tile roofs. Some may have concrete tiles, while others may have clay tiles. If you're thinking of getting a new roof for your own home, you may be wondering just why tile seems to be the option of choice. Here's a look. The tiles won't blow away in a storm. In most coastal areas, high winds are a problem. Read More 

Flashing Problems Around Your Chimney

26 February 2017
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Having a working fireplace in your home can create an ambiance and provide you with an additional source of heat. In order to allow for the safe exit of smoke, a hole must be cut in your roof to accommodate the chimney attached to your fireplace. This hole is sealed with a metal product known as flashing to help create a waterproof seal that prevents moisture from seeping into your roof through the chimney hole. Read More 

Update The Look Of Your Home With Architectural Shingles

22 February 2017
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If you're renovating an older home, one thing you can do to improve its appearance is to put on a new roof. If the roof is old, it may be necessary to replace it and the deck underneath if there are problems with rotted wood. Even if the roof is still in fairly good shape, it may look worn due to loss of asphalt granules and the growth of algae. Either way, a new roof improves the curb appeal of your home, especially when you paint and update the exterior of the house at the same time. Read More 

Tips to Help You Repair a Rubber Roof Leak

21 February 2017
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Rubber roofs are easy to install. They are also durable. Add to these the fact that they are easy to maintain, and you have a roof that that is ideal for use in commercial buildings. However, with time, these roofs wear out. As a result, they can develop leaks that may expose your property to water damage. The good news is that fixing these leaks is easy. Here is are tips that will come in handy in helping you do so. Read More 

Cost Differences Between Asphalt and Metal Roofs

17 February 2017
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When it's time for a new roof, it can be difficult to determine which roof makes the most economic sense. Asphalt is one of the most common options used for constructing a roof because of its low cost. However, those who travel through a subdivision that has many new homes constructed is less likely to see asphalt as a common material used for roofs. Metal is rising in popularity as a result of the longevity of metal. Read More