Protect Your Investment: 4 Things To Avoid To Extend The Life Of Your New Roof

5 July 2019
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If you plan to invest in a new roof this year, you'll need to take steps to protect your investment. New roofs are designed to last for many years. However, they'll last much longer when you provide proper care for them. Here are some tips you should follow to protect your new roof. Don't Cut Corners on Your Roof Installation Now that you'll be having a new roof installed on your home, avoid cutting corners on the installation. Read More 

Understanding A Roof Nail Popping Issue And How It Is Resolved

25 June 2019
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If your home has just made it through a long winter or if high winds have done a number on your roof, then there is a chance that you will see a variety of different types of roofing damage. Nail popping is one of them, and this issue does require the help of a repair service. Keep reading to learn what the issue is and how a professional can make the repair. Read More 

Buying a House? 3 Things to Have Checked During Your Inspection

13 May 2019
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Buying a house is a fun and exciting thing to do, but it's also one of the most stressful things you may ever do. Not only will you be investing a small fortune into a new home, but you will want to make sure that it's in good shape. After all, the last thing you want is to end up with a money pit. Before you close on your home, you should get a home inspection done. Read More 

Six Maintenance Mistakes You Need To Avoid To Keep Your Vinyl Siding In The Best Possible Shape

3 April 2019
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Vinyl siding is a convenient and durable material for keeping a home's exterior looking great through the years. However, it needs to be properly maintained to stay in good shape as time goes on. Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes make maintenance mistakes that prematurely age their vinyl siding. The following are six maintenance mistakes you need to avoid to keep your vinyl siding in the best possible shape: Neglecting to regularly clean your vinyl siding Read More 

Roof Collapse Risk: What Homeowners Should Know

2 February 2019
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With winter in full swing, there's been plenty of snowfall across the U.S. with more in sight. Unfortunately, all of that snow can spell disaster for your roof if it's already facing the potential for collapse. Many homeowners don't know the early warning signs of an impending roof collapse, recognizing it only when it's nearly too late to prevent it. Here are some of the things to watch for that could mean all that snow is leading you toward a collapsed roof. Read More