Understanding A Roof Nail Popping Issue And How It Is Resolved

25 June 2019
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If your home has just made it through a long winter or if high winds have done a number on your roof, then there is a chance that you will see a variety of different types of roofing damage. Nail popping is one of them, and this issue does require the help of a repair service. Keep reading to learn what the issue is and how a professional can make the repair. 

What Is A Nail Popping Issue?

Nail popping is the term used to describe how the nails physically pop out of the roof structure and through the shingles. This can happen along one facing edge of the roof or it can be an issue seen throughout the structure or intermittently. 

The popping up of the nails is something that can happen for a few different reasons. The issue may be related to the way that the shingles were initially installed. Specifically, the shingles may not have adhered correctly the first time around. Nails may have been used that were too short, or maybe too few of there were added in relation to the wind levels in the region. Also, if high winds are a concern and shingles were installed that were not rated for high winds, then the shingle lift may be leading to loosening nails. 

Sometimes, nails will emerge from the roof's surface due to the significant expansion of the roof deck. This is often an issue that occurs when the space just underneath the roof is not ventilated properly, meaning that moisture is able to build in the area. 

How Will A Repair Be Performed?

You should be contacting a roof repair professional as soon as possible. If the nails are left alone, then water will penetrate and may cause a leak, mold, or mildew problem. 

The roofer will start off by investigating the issue to see if a reason can be found for why the nails have started to pop up. You can expect inspections of the shingles, attic space, and roofing nails. Any paperwork that you have from the initial installation can help with the determination of the cause.

At this time, the issue is resolved in relation to the cause. You may need some new vents on the top of the roof or along the eaves, and ceiling vents or fans may be needed within your home.

Shingles can often be left in place as long as wind damage is not noted in the way of rips and bends. However, nails often require replacement with standard or long roofing nails and sealants in the nail spaces. If only the popped nails are replaced, then you may need to schedule a roofing inspection every few months so that loose nails can continually be evaluated.