4 Tips To Stops Leaks Around Skylights, Solar Panels, And Other Roof Penetrations

10 December 2018
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On the roof of your home, anywhere there is a penetration, there is a risk of leaks. If you want to prevent these problems, the best thing to do is to avoid penetrations. Today, there are many modern improvements that may require penetrations and lead to leaks and wet messes in your home. Here are some tips to help stop leaks around skylights, solar panels, and other roof penetrations:

1. The Correct Installation of Skylights and Sealant to Prevent Leaks

Skylights are one of the most common features that are added for improvements to residential roofs. One of the problems with skylights is that they are notorious for leaks and causing water damage in homes. If you want to prevent problems with skylight leaks, it is best to have a professional roofing contractor install skylights in your home. When you have the skylights installed, you will want to have the seals around the units reinforced with rubber membrane flashing to prevent problems with leaks.

2. Modern Solar Panel Installation and Rack Fastening to Prevent Leaks

Today, there are many different options for renewable energy that can be used with your household mechanical systems. These options include solar panels, which are usually mounted on your roof with racks. When fastening the racks to the roof of your home, it is important that you use screws with rubber washers at the heads, which will prevent leaks at the areas were attaching racks to your roof makes holes.

3. Installation Options for Solar Water Heaters and Preventing Leaks

Another modern energy improvement that you may be considering for your home is the installation of a solar water heater. This may be to provide thermal energy for hot water heaters or for other mechanical systems in your home. The system can be installed like conventional solar panels with a rack system, or it may be flush-mounted with roofing materials. For flush-mounted solar collectors, you will want to make sure that the opening is the exact dimensions and install rubber sealant membrane materials around the unit to ensure that there are not any leaks.

4. Improving the Installation of Roof Mechanical Vents to Prevent Leaks

The attic, HVAC systems, appliances and plumbing all have some type of ventilation system, which is often located on your roof. If you want to prevent damage to your home and wet messes, you can improve these penetrations. When you get ready to install ventilation vents on your roof, make sure to use rubber reinforcement around them to prevent wear of roofing materials and leaks.

These are some tips to help prevent leaks around skylights, solar panels, and other roof penetrations. If you need help with some of these improvements to prevent roof leaks and wet messes, contact a professional residential roof repair service.