Second-Story Decks: Purposes, Reasons, And How They Are Constructed

13 October 2018
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When you think of decks, you probably think of decks around a pool or just outside the patio doors on the back or side of a house. However, you can add a deck to other stories besides the ground floor. There are equally as many purposes and reasons for doing so. Here they are, plus how these decks are constructed.

Treehouse Decks

Taking a page from Swiss Family Robinson or the Ewok Village, you can construct decks in trees for treehouses. You can also just construct the decks if you want unusual places to sit and view everything around you. You will need strong, sturdy trees that are thick and growing tall. The decks are built out and around the trunk of the tree, with numerous timber supports to keep the bottoms of the decks up. 

The supports form triangles, where the hypotenuse of each triangle faces downward as the other two sides adhere to the deck and to the trunk of the tree. If you are not sure how to get this right, make sure you hire a structural engineer to draw up the plans for you. Then give the plans to deck builders to follow.

Roof Decks

A lot of millionaires have added decks to the roofs of their homes. They may use these decks just for sunning themselves, to install pools in the roof with a walk-around deck, or to have exercise space for tennis, rooftop golf, a home gym in the fresh air, etc. If your home is large enough to support any size deck, you may want to consider this option. The deck itself is typically built onto a part of the roof that is already reasonably flat so that minimal support is required. If you cannot have a full-sized deck, build a smaller deck off of the master bedroom, add French doors that can open onto the deck, and then you have a quiet place to watch the sunrise, do yoga or morning stretches, or just sit and drink your morning cup of coffee/tea.

Decks on a Cupola

There are many iconic homes and hotels with round cupolas. Around these cupolas, the owners have constructed decks. Guests can stroll along these decks as though they are standing atop a lighthouse. It is a lovely way to view three-hundred-sixty degrees of landscape and see things much farther away. These decks are typically built as part of the cupolas, but construction contractors can add them later on as well.

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