Update The Look Of Your Home With Architectural Shingles

22 February 2017
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If you're renovating an older home, one thing you can do to improve its appearance is to put on a new roof. If the roof is old, it may be necessary to replace it and the deck underneath if there are problems with rotted wood. Even if the roof is still in fairly good shape, it may look worn due to loss of asphalt granules and the growth of algae. Either way, a new roof improves the curb appeal of your home, especially when you paint and update the exterior of the house at the same time. When you replace the roof, you can go with traditional asphalt shingles, or you can use the opportunity to upgrade the appearance of your home by choosing architectural shingles. Here is some information about this type of roofing.

Architectural Shingles Mimic Expensive Roofing Materials

Architectural shingles are made differently from the usual asphalt shingles. These have a dimensional appearance. The surface is laminated, so it can take on any appearance you like. These shingles can be made to look like natural wood shake. If a wood roof matches the style of your home, choosing architectural shingles could be a good choice, especially if wood roofs are prohibited in your area because of fire concerns. You'll have the look of expensive wood shake without the fire hazard or excessive maintenance necessary for wood.

Architectural shingles can mimic other roofing styles too, such as barrel tile and slate. While they look like tile or stone, they are much lighter. This eliminates the risk that comes with placing heavy stone roofing material on your home. You can have the look of an expensive luxury roof at a fraction of the cost.

Architectural Shingles Are Durable

One nice advantage of architectural shingles is they are more durable than traditional asphalt shingles. This is due to the way they are made up of multiple layers of material. Traditional shingles usually have one layer with the granules affixed to the top. The multiple layers used in architectural shingles give them dimensional appearance, and it also makes the shingles heavier. The extra weight helps hold the shingles in place during high winds. Architectural shingles tend to have a longer lifespan than traditional asphalt, so while they cost more upfront, the expense pays off in a longer life and a reduced need for repairs.

Architectural Shingles Add Value To Your Home

If you're renovating the home to sell it now or at some point in the future, architectural shingles could actually add to the value of your home and help you get more when you sell. For one thing, your home will be more appealing to buyers when it has a unique, attractive roof. Another selling point is the long life and durability of this type of roofing material.

These shingles come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. This allows you to create the perfect complement to your home and its architectural style. Whether you want a roof that looks like tile for a Mediterranean style house or one that looks like wood shake for a cottage or cabin, you'll find an architectural shingle that's a perfect match. Ask your roofer for samples and pictures of various styles and colors so you know what's available and what would be the best match for your home and neighborhood. For more information, contact companies like Todd Harkleroad Roofing Inc.