Re-Roofing Questions You Need To Ask

15 February 2017
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After you've inhabited your house for a long time, it might be time to start thinking about having a "re-roof" done. Whether you've started to have attic leaks, noticed sign of wear on shingles, or just want something different, you'll have to do a lot of preparation and thinking before the job is done to ensure it can be completed on schedule. The questions below should provide the information you'll need to make good, solid decisions along the way.

"Can I Get Away with an Overlay?"

Replacing the entire roof can be somewhat costly. It may be worth it to ask if you can have an overlay done instead so that the topmost surface of the roof is replaced, but not the entire structure. That will give you a new look and solve some leaking problems while saving you cash; just check with your township to be sure that local ordinances allow an overlay.

"What Kind of Shingles or Tiles Should I Use?"

While the current roof may have been put up without input from you, you can take this opportunity to carefully select the best tiles or shingles for your home. You might, for instance, select energy-efficient options, or you may want lighter-colored tiles up there if you live somewhere that's always warm.

In addition to function, it's also wise to think about your personal tastes and the style of your home. If you want a house to look as if it has a slate finish, there are a number of ways to accomplish that at various price points. Be sure to chat with your roofer about both style and function when coming up with the materials you'd like to use.

"Where Will My Family Be While The Job Is Done?"

If your family is planning to take a trip and won't be around for the duration of the project, you'll have to ask a friend or family member to check in from time to time and field calls from your contractor while you're gone. However, if life will go on as usual at your house, be sure you understand what that could mean while work is being completed. For instance, the daytime noise could be a bit much if you've got a new baby in the house. Workers will be on your property and possibly inside your home throughout the day, which could affect whether your pets are kept in a specific area. It may be so much activity that you decide to stay in a relative's home for the time being, but you and your contractor can discuss what exactly will happen so you can make that decision.

Re-roofing is likely to be easier for both you and your roofing contractor if the questions here are discussed. Ask the roofing contractor for as much information as you need. Contact a company like Advantage Roofing for more information.