How To Repair Your Fascia Boards

14 February 2017
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Fascia boards are often the most vulnerable part of a roofline. They face outward and are directly exposed to the sun and moisture. As a result the fascia boards on most homes will age at different rates. For instance, the boards that receive the most sunlight are bound to fade and need repaint more often than more protected boards on the other side of your home. Each home will have different rates of fading and warping, so it is important that the homeowners constant checks on them. You will need to get up on a ladder and check the integrity of your boards every year or so. Since most fascia boards are made out of hardwood, it is easy to patch and repaint most problems before they become serious.

Prepping and Patching Your Wood

You need to get up close and personal with your fascia board to fix it. If you have a lot of decay and any boards that need to be fully replaced, it might be worthwhile to rent a simple scaffolding system. If not, a simple extension ladder will work.

Usually, before you can patch wood with holes or splits, you need to do some sanding. A vibrating power sander will allow you to remove all of the severely decayed wood, leaving behind just the structurally sound wood. This will also create a more solid surface for the patch and paint to stick to.

Apply exterior wood patch using a putty knife. You should apply a liberal amount and wait for it to dry completely before you sand it down again. After sanding, there will probably be a few small holes that you need to refill. Sand one more time and your surface should be ready for the new paint.

Painting or Staining Your Wood

Painting your fascia can be complicated if the paints do not match or if you don't even have the same paint color any more. The best solution it to just paint the entire fascia board and not just the patched spot. This obviously makes the project more time consuming, but it also gives you a chance to change your paint color. A new trim color on your roofline can dramatically change the vibe of your home's exterior. Also, new paint on your entire fascia will add another layer of protection, giving your wood better protection from the elements.

Repairing fascia is a great way to preserve your roofline and change the colors on your exterior. Contact a company like Drey Roofing to learn more.