The Best Times Of The Year To Get Up On Your Roof And Check It For Needed Repairs

13 February 2017
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Roofs are a heavily neglected part of any house. The reason for this is that most homeowners do not think about their roofs because the roofs cannot be seen from the ground and homeowners do not tend to go up to their roofs regularly. Before you have to pay thousands of dollars in roof repair work, here are some tips for keeping up with maintenance. Most of these tips will act as a guide by showing you the best times of the year to get up on your roof and check it for needed maintenance and small repairs, and why these times of the year are best.


If you live anywhere where snow and ice collect during the winter months, mid-spring is your optimal time for checking out your roof. The snow and ice have usually melted by this point, leaving your roof bare (albeit a little wet yet). At this point of the season, you can see where the brutal winter has battered your roof and where shingles may be cracked or peeling up. Make note of these areas and how severe the problems appear to be. Then phone a roofing company like Affordable Roof Care to get the work done. Since many roofers are already in full swing with scheduling construction work, this is the primary season for checking the roof and getting the work completed.

Late Fall

In late fall, your house has been through the heavy rains of spring, the brutal heat of summer, the bleaching hot sun and the intense winds of the early fall. If your roof in the spring barely showed any wear, you should still check it again in the fall. If you did not check your roof in the spring, you should definitely check it in late fall. Catching problems with the shingles and the roof before winter and then fixing them will prevent the ice and snow from making things worse. It also prevents snow and ice from melting and getting underneath your roof's materials where it can cause rot, water damage, and mold.

Avoid Summer and Winter

Despite what you may think, summer is not one of the best times of year for climbing up to your roof to see what is going on. Even if you find something that needs a little fixing, the contractors are usually quite booked up, and you may be waiting some time to get the work completed. Winter, for obvious reasons, is never the best or a good time to check roofing damages. Only check your roof during these two seasons if you know you have some serious damages (e.g., tornado dropped a tree on the roof).