Synthetic Slate Roofing For A Durable And Environmentally-Friendly Alternative

9 February 2017
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If you want a durable and elegant roof, you may have been thinking about having a slate roof installed on your home. Slate is a very attractive material, but it can be costly to have installed or repaired. Many homeowners go with some of the many different synthetic roofing options that are available. Here are some of the synthetic slate products that you should consider using for the new roof on your home:

1. Synthetic Stone Materials with The Look and Feel of Real Slate Tiles

Slate is a heavy volcanic stone material, which the look can be simulated using cement materials. One of the options for slate is synthetic stone materials that are not too much different than the real thing. Synthetic stone materials will require the structural support like real slate, so they are not ideal for replacing, lighter asphalt shingles. For your new roof, a synthetic stone will give you the look of slate at a much lower cost than natural stone tiles.

2. Recycled Materials Used to Make Environmentally-Friendly Synthetic Slate

If you are replacing asphalt shingles, you may need a much lighter solution for your synthetic slate roof. Today, there are composites that are made from recycled plastics and rubber. These environmentally-friendly materials are a great choice for replacing your old shingles. Another benefit of these materials is that they are extremely durable and will not be damaged in storms or wear excessively like many other roofing materials.

3. Stamped Metal Shingles That Are Used to Give Home the Look of Slate Tiles

Another type of material that will give you the synthetic look of slate is metal roofing. Stamped metal shingles come in many different styles, including slate tile styles. There are many benefits to using metal roofing, such as the durability and energy efficiency. Stamped metal products are also going to be a good choice to replace almost any type of roofing material and will not require the extra support that the stone and cement products need to have. Metal will also be much more affordable than slate and some of the other roofing products on the market.

These are some of the options you may want to consider for a new slate roof on your home. Contact a roofing company and talk with them about some of these options for synthetic slate for your home, and what needs to be done to have it installed.