Three Roofing Maintenance And Care Tips For You To Utilize

17 January 2017
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Making major repairs or replacing your roof can be a major investment to make in your house. Not surprisingly, this is something that most homeowners want to avoid for as long as possible. In order to help your roof last for years, you will need to make it a point to follow the basic steps for roof care.

Keep The Roof Clean

It may not seem like it is very important to keep your roof clean, but this can be a critical factor in determining whether or not your roof experiences problems. A dirty roof can make it much easier for rot to develop as the roof will have a harder time drying. Therefore, you should consider having your roof professionally cleaned prior to the spring and summer months. During this cleaning process, contractors are likely to use powerful pressure washers to remove dirt, moss, algae, and any other debris that has managed to gather on the roof. You may assume that pressure washing the roof will be a task that can be done without hiring professionals, but this can be an extremely dangerous task to do as the water will make the roof slippery. Furthermore, if you have the pressure washer set too high, it can loosen shingles.

Winterize The Roof

The winter can be especially hard on your home, and this can be particularly true for the roof. Heavy snow and ice accumulations can put tremendous strain on it while also increasing the risk of rot forming. You can help to minimize these problems by making sure to inspect the roof prior to the winter months arriving. During this inspection, you will want to close any small gaps that may be present in the roofing. These gaps can allow hot air from the attic to escape, which can lead to the formation of ice dams. If you notice ice dams forming over the course of the winter, you should never attempt to break up the ice dam as the roof can be extremely slippery. Rather, you should simply inspect it for signs of damage once the ice dam melts.

Regularly Inspect The Ceiling

Every few weeks, you will want to inspect the ceiling throughout your home. If you notice water marks or other signs of damage, it could be an indication that your roof has suffered structural damage. Avoiding the need for major repairs will entail having these issues repaired before they are able to worsen and spread. By marking on your calendar to do these inspections every few weeks, you will be able to increase the chances that you catch these problems when they are relatively minor and inexpensive repairs. 

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