Three Pieces Of Evidence That Convict Your Old Roof

13 January 2017
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Conservative wisdom on whether or not to replace your old roof can be like the legal standard for a criminal trial – show proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Maybe not the best way to think about the all-important lid that protects everything inside your home.

Here are three pieces of evidence you need to consider when weighing in on the verdict of whether you should convict your old roof and adjudicate that a new one needs installed.

  • Cracks in the Evidence

One cracked shingle or two is probably not a big issue, but a roofer still should inspect them. A number of cracked shingles, at various places on your roof, is sufficient evidence to make a solid case for a new one.

Since one cracked shingle can be a problem, a number of cracked shingles can ruin your entire roof. Water damage can happen right where the cracks are, plus problems can bleed down your roof, spreading to a wider area. Since a few cracks in your roof shingles can cause extensive water damage that you cannot even see, consult with a roofing professional at the first signs of a crack in the evidence.

  • The Bald Eagle Effect

While the Bald Eagle is a symbol of American freedom and justice, it is not a good look for your roof. If you notice that bald spots are appearing where there should be a granular texture, it's time to have your roof inspected. Smooth balding areas in your shingles are a sign they are wearing a new roof might be a good decision.

  • Curled Edges Will Convict Your Old Roof

One piece of evidence that can sentence your old roof to the death penalty is cracked edges on your shingles. Again, a single isolated incident may be nothing more than one bad shingle. Anytime you see the edges of a shingle curling up, it's evidence your roof may have outlived its useful lifespan.

If you notice deterioration in one shingle, most likely other shingles are going to be in bad shape also, or soon to follow. Unless you had a section of your replaced at some point, all the shingles are going to be the same age. Curled edges are usually set a precedent that other shingles will be soon to follow, meaning it's time to pronounce a guilty verdict on your old roof.

Cracked, curled, or balding shingles can be definitive evidence that it's time to convict your old roof. Speak with a roofing company before you make your final ruling.