Important Reasons to Keep or Install Gutters on Your Home

12 January 2017
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Have you been told that your gutter system is in need of repair? Are you toying with the idea of simply tearing out your gutters and not having to deal with them ever again? While gutters can be annoying when they need to be cleaned out or fixed up, they do serve a necessary function for many homes. Some of the reasons why you should repair or update your existing gutter system include the following.

Protect your attic: Just under your eaves, you can typically find small vent holes that lead to your attic or crawlspace. These are important for allowing the area beneath your roof to breathe, allowing excess humidity to escape. In some homes, the vent holes may be partially concealed by an installation of soffit material. Without any gutters, strong winds can blow the water pouring off of your roof up into your attic, causing water damage and making it look like you have a leak in your roof. While having soffit installed can help protect your attic, having gutters is one of the best preventative measures. Instead of simply pouring off of your roof and possibly getting blown into your attic, the water flow will be safely redirected to somewhere on the ground.

Cut down on your water bill: Water can be expensive, especially if you want to have a beautifully green lawn. But if you live in an area where you're allowed to collect rainwater, something which Colorado made legal in 2016, you could cut down on your water bill by having a rain barrel or two to collect water when it rains. If you have a home with 1,000 square feet of roof, just 1/4 inch of rain could provide 150 gallons of water to water your lawn and garden. Although you may not want to actually have 150 gallons of water storage on your property, even relatively small amounts of rainfall can clearly add up to be a significant amount of water. 

Prevent lawn erosion: Sheets of water that pour off of your roof can wash away topsoil and expose the roots of the grass growing in that area. This, in turn, can cause the grass to die off and to decay. Without live grass roots to hold it in place, your soil will be washed away even more. After a period of time, you will end up with an unsightly shallow and narrow trench that has been dug across your lawn. Fortunately, properly installed rain gutters can help prevent this from occurring. With the water directed onto a concrete slab or into a rain barrel, your lawn can continue to stay beautiful and lush.