Considering A Green Roof For Your Business? Take A Look At These Misassumptions First

12 January 2017
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If there is one thing you can do to make your business building more earth-friendly overall, it is to add a green roofing system. Green roofs are made up of layers of natural materials that naturally absorb moisture and provide benefits in an urban setting. however, even with so many advantages, not a lot of business owners consider a green roof as an option when they need their roof replaced. This choice is often led by some pretty big misassumptions. Take a look at these common misguided assumptions about green roofs and the real truths you should know to make the better choice for your business building. 

Assumption: Having a green roof lowers the value of your property. 

Truth: Having a green roof could actually boost the value of your business property for a lot of reasons. Primarily, green roof systems are far more resilient than other roofing types and have the ability to last a long time with proper maintenance. Plus, buildings that have eco-friendly features are actually in high demand, especially commercial buildings because many businesses are looking to change their overall efficiency for the better. If you ever do decide to sell your business property, you can actually use the green roof as a selling point in the real estate listing.

Assumption: Green roofing does not convey a very professional business appearance. 

Truth: It is a common misconception that only certain types of businesses should have a green roof, such as those relative to green living or even agriculture. However, this is far from the truth. Many different types of businesses have a green roof installed because of all the benefits they can provide. Plus, many green roofing systems are created in a way that you could hardly tell from the ground what type of roofing is atop the building. 

Assumption: Green roofs make your business building harder to heat and cool. 

Truth: Because green roofs are created with vegetation and sod, it is often wrongly assumed that the roof must not be very insulative. However, this is not true at all. The multiple layers of substrate, sod, and vegetation actually offer far more insulative protection than the average roofing materials you would use. In the summer, you get to reap the advantages of less heat transfer through the roof. In the winter, you see less of a chance of expensive heat slipping out through the roof as well. 

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