You Must Do These Three Things To Protect Your Roof Against Winter Damages

11 January 2017
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You likely know that repairing a roof in the winter can literally be a "slippery slope." Some people do not realize that there are steps they can take to ensure that their roofs do not need maintenance during the winter. The following are a few areas of attention that you need to be aware of to protect your roof from the effects of winter. 

Replace missing shingles.

Perhaps you are thinking that one or two missing shingles are not a big deal and that you can wait on that type of roofing repair. The issue with a couple of missing shingles is that it exposes the underlying roofing material. If you live in an area that has precipitous winters, you might have roofing damages when spring arrives. If so, those damages will likely be caused by you allowing moisture to enter through areas where shingles are missing. 

Inspect your attic.

If your attic is not insulated, it may be hiding numerous signs of roofing damages. You should aim to inspect the area yourself or hire a professional. If you inspect it yourself, be mindful of areas where warped wood and stained insulation are noted. These are signs of potential leaks and likely water damage. Mold in your attic is an alarming sign of water damage that may be related to a roof leak. 

Keep roof traffic at a minimum.

During the winter, it is possible for ice to collect on rooftops and form ice dams. This means that extra weight is there already. You might feel pessimistic about the condition of your roof if a bad storm hits your area. You should refrain from trying to climb on top of your roof to inspect it yourself after these natural events. This is because your weight may crack shingles due to some shingles that have been compromised by the winter weather not being evident. For example, your body weight could break blistered and warped shingles. Even if you have tiled shingles, the cold weather can make them more susceptible to breaking if you are untrained at navigating roofs. 

A roofing professional like HomeTowne Roofing is a good resource to use for additional preventive care for your roof. They are also the best option for repairs if you incur a mishap such as a leak in your roof during the winter. This is because they will know how to safely navigate your roof. If you attempt roofing repairs on your own during the winter, you place yourself at risk for injuries from a slip or fall.