What To Know About Going Solar During Roofing Replacement

11 January 2017
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If you have been considering replacing your roof, then you likely have viewed several options. You could go with traditional asphalt style roofing, metal roofing, or clay tile roofing. There is another option that can be quickly overlooked due to misconceptions about the material and installation. Before overlooking solar roofing options for your roofing replacement project, consider these key points about the material as well as the installation and longevity.

You Don't Need Huge Panels

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding solar roofing is that you will need huge roofing panels. This simply is not the case. There are various styles of solar roofing including roofing panels that fit in with the roofing tile, panels that fit over the existing tiles, and tiles that look like regular roofing tile options but are actually solar panels. You can find roofing tiles that do not diminish from the look of your home or give someone with a quick inspection the idea that you even have solar power in your home.

They Don't Have Enough Power

You may be overlooking solar panels for your roofing replacement because you feel like they don't have enough power to operate your entire home. The truth is, when you go to a solar panel installation company, they will do an energy analysis of your home. This analysis will determine how much power you need to run your home on an average day cycle. They may then boost that number to give you power for days where you are using more power than normal, such as during hotter or colder months of the year. This ensures that you are getting the right number of panels to supply your home with energy.

They Don't Work on Overcast or Stormy Days

This particular misconception has been floating around for several years. Though there are some solar panels for roofing replacement that may not store energy, there are some that do. In fact, an increasing number of solar panel companies have worked on ways to store the energy that the solar panels gain and hold that energy in battery cells. The battery cells are used when there is not enough energy from the solar panels themselves. These battery cells can maintain and hold that stored energy for one to several days depending on the style you purchase.

These are only three of the misconceptions regarding solar panels for your roofing replacement project. If you think solar may the ideal way for you and your household to go, consider contacting a solar roofing technician for a consultation.