Tips For Getting These Two Roofs Ready For Winter

11 January 2017
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No matter what type of roof you have, you need to take steps to help it get through the cold winter months. This is especially important if you have a lot of snow in your area for much of the winter. Below is some information about preparing both a flat and an asphalt roof so they will be in good shape when spring arrives.

Flat Roof

A flat roof can make your home look sleek and modern, but you do have to maintain it differently when compared to other types of roofs. Even if the roof has a slight slope, snow has a higher chance of accumulating on top of it, as well as rain and debris.

Start out by removing any debris that may currently be on the roof, such as twigs, small branches, and leaves. Water pools in excess debris, putting stress on your flat roof. There are roof sweeps you can purchase to do this. When sweeping, do not apply a lot of pressure, or you can remove the protective coating, as well as damage the roofing membrane.

Don't forget to look in the drain hub for debris. If you see any, you can remove it by hand. To ensure there is no debris in the drain hub, you can use a wrench to remove the hub and then use a garden hose to spray it. Put a high-pressure attachment on the garden hose so it can loosen stuck-on debris.

You also need to check the roof itself for damage, such as small holes or deteriorating roof flashing.

Asphalt Roof

An asphalt roof is much easier to care for because it is sloped and snow, rain, etc. runs off it. You still need to check some things before winter arrives.

First, check the shingles to see if any are loose. If there are only a few loose shingles, you can use roofing nails to secure them. Also, look for shingles that are completely broken or missing. These shingles will need to be replaced.

Check the gutters around the entire home for debris, and remove anything you find. You can do so using a pressure washer on a low setting or a garden hose. If there are a lot of leaves built up, you can use a small hand shovel to remove them. You may want to consider installing a roof guard, which is a guard placed over the gutter to prevent anything from getting in.

Look over the gutters to ensure they are tightly secured around your home. If they are sagging in any way, secure them again with nails.

Taking care of a roof can be dangerous, so you should consider hiring a roofing contractor like Fischer Roofing - Flat Roof Pros to inspect it for any problems.