Shake Roofing Benefits That Make Wood A Great Alternative To Shingles

11 January 2017
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When you are ready to have the roof replaced on your home, shakes can be a good choice for a natural look. The difference in price is not much more than conventional asphalt shingles, and shake roofs have many benefits, such as durability, environmental friendliness, and efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of shakes that make wood roofing an excellent choice for replacement:

1. Modern Choices of Materials for Different Needs

In different areas, real shakes may have some problems due to fire hazards or wet weather. Today, you have a choice of many different modern materials for your shakes. You can use treated shakes that are designed to be fire or fungus resistant. There are also some synthetic materials that completely do away with these problems.

2. Ideal for Replacing Light Weight Shingles and Other Materials

Asphalt shingles and other roofing materials are used on light wood structures. Your home was probably only designed to carry these lighter roof loads, which means that materials like slate and tile will be too heavy. Shakes will usually not weigh any more than the asphalt shingles, which make them an ideal choice for this type of roof replacement.

3. Natural and Renewable Material for Green Roofing Projects

There are very few roofing materials that come from a completely renewable resource. Since shakes are made from trees, they can be produced without depleting resources. If you want a green and environmentally friendly roof, shakes are one of the best choices available. Even synthetic shakes are made from recycled materials, making them another good, green choice for roof replacements.

4. A Durable and Energy Efficient Solution for Roofing

Shakes also have the benefit of being energy efficient. Roofs with shakes will have less heat gain, and can even let heat escape. They are also very durable because of the type of wood that is used to make them, and with proper care can outlast conventional asphalt shingles by years. Shake roofs made from white oak have even lasted for generations with only the need for a few minor repairs. The most important care for your shake roof is keeping it clean. Do that, and it will last for generations too.

These are some of the benefits of shakes that make it a good choice of material to use for replacement of conventional asphalt shingles. If you are ready for a new roof for your home, contact a roofing contractor, such as Cloise & Mike Construction Inc, and talk with them about using wood shakes for your replacement.