Save The Sore: 3 Ways To Salvage The Family-Run Wine And Liquor Store

11 January 2017
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If you've inherited the responsibility of managing a family-run liquor store and it is in need of some serious repair, then you should be proactive and handle it. If you simply sit back and let the store continue on as it has been, then not only will the building begin to deteriorate, but customers will dwindle, and soon the business will dry up and you might be forced to sell the property. However, there are some really simple things you can have done that will ensure that the store has the best chance to be successful. Here are three things to get done.

Revamp The Signage And Unclutter The Windows

The best way to attract more customers is to make the store more modern looking and friendly. You don't want to have old looking signage and a cluttered window system. Bring in a sign company and have them create a large, clear, neon display. You should also get a large, metal sign for the daytime hours if your old sign is weathered and battered looking.

The windows should not be plastered with posters of liquor adverts. Have the windows relatively clear so that the inside of your store is viable. A few select promo pieces are fine, but you don't want it to look like some low rent place where people rush in to buy Mad Dog 20/20. A clear window has a more dignified look, akin to a wine and liquor shop, which is what you want. If possible, place some of the display racks holding wine near the windows so people passing by can see the wine.

Beef Up The Security

Making sure the widows are unobscured is a great step in reducing the likelihood of robbery, but you should also have cameras installed. Have them pointed out so that everyone walking in through the front door sees them. You also want to have them behind the counter, facing outwards to where the customers stand. Unless your store is in a high crime area, you want to stay away from a bullet proof separation between clerks and customers. It is off-putting for most people to walk into a store and see that the employee is behind bullet proof glass.

If you do have a large store, and only have one or two people on the floor at any time, you might want to place expensive wine behind locked glass or loop it with security cord. This can help prevent shoplifters who might walk  in and try to pocket a hundred dollar bottle of wine. You could have a custom cabinet with glass front built to hold the priciest wine, and have a lock put on it. If that seems like too much of a burden, just get security cord that will lock around the bottles and chain them to the display stand.

Secure The Roof and Interior With A Spray Form System

Most importantly, you want to have a spray foam roof installed. This serves two really important purposes. First, it protects your roof much better than a classic tar and gravel design. In some cases the crew might not even have to remove the old tar and gravel; they could just spray over it. The spray foam seals right to the roof and will not allow for any spaces where water can get in and start to rot your roof. This saves you the huge expense of a roof repair, which could completely crush you from a financial prospective.

Secondly, it will eliminate any visual ugliness that will turn off customers. If you have an old tar and gravel roof, you probably have dealt with leaks in the past. These stain the drop ceilings, cause ugly puddles in the store, and just make the place look nasty. Customers who see stains on the roof will be turned off and might not ever return. So avoid that potential problem by replacing your current roofing insulation system with a industrial foam solution.