Doing Your Part For Mother Earth With Roofing Materials

11 January 2017
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If you are shopping for a new roof, you should know that there has never been a greater variety of roofing materials available. The choice you make could help you be more conservation-minded as well, whether you're talking about energy savings or reusing other materials for roofing. Read on to learn about some roofing choices that may help you reduce your energy footprint.

Stay Cool

Your choice in roofing materials and the color of those materials can greatly influence your energy bills. For those that live in warm climates, cooling costs can be considerable. If you make the right choices in roofing, however, you can reduce those costs by as much as 15%. Avoid the dark-colored traditional roofing shingles and opt for lighter colored shingles. Additionally, you can use a cool roofing coating to keep your interior spaces cool on the hottest days.

Be Sure to Recycle, Reuse, Renew

The solution for your new roofing material could be hiding at the dump. Plastic, rubber, and more materials are now being given new life by re-purposing it into roofing materials. Using these recycled materials works to reduce the energy needed to produce new materials from scratch as well as reduce the volume of waste in landfills. Old building materials can be made into roofing shingles and old tires can be made into a long-lasting and very durable roofing material that resists hail and wind. While it's tempting to picture what a roof made of tires could look like, you may be surprised at the variety of looks and treatments that mimic everything from tile to the expensive look of slate using recycled rubber.

Consider Durable Metal Roofs

The emergence of metal roofing is not new, but the use this roofing material has just continued to grow by leaps and bounds. When you consider that metal roofs are warrantied for up to 50 years, you can see the appeal. Not having to fork over money for a new roof appeals to everyone, but the impact of not needing to use any energy to produce new roofing materials is a plus for the environment. Additionally, you can help conserve water with a metal roof. These roofs shed rain water that can be collected and reused for gardening, car washing, toilet flushing, and more. This type of water is known as grey water, and should not be used for cooking food or bathing.

Speak to your local roofing contractor for more ideas on selecting a more earth-friendly way to roof your home.