Answering Basic Questions Concerning Common Roofing Problems

11 January 2017
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There are few problems that can cause more stress and fear in homeowners than issues with the roof. Mitigating and addressing these issues will require you to have a basic understanding about some common roofing concepts and topics.

How Does Attic Insulation Impact Your Roofing?

A well-insulated attic can provide your home with several important benefits. In particular, gains in energy efficiency can be one of the key benefits of proper attic insulation, but it can also provide your roof with some potential benefits.

During the winter when there is snow and ice on your roof, heat escaping from the roof can cause parts of it to melt. If this occurs, the runoff may freeze when it reaches the edge of the roof, and this can cause an ice dam to form. These dams can place a tremendous amount of weight on the roof as well as preventing water from draining off the roof as the ice melts. Together, these factors can cause considerable damage to your home's roof. When you have a well-insulated attic, you can prevent heat from escaping and causing these dams to form.

Why Are Sections Of The Roof Sagging?

There may come a day when you find that sections of your home's roof have started to sag. This problem is often the result of damage occurring to either the wood panels under the shingles or the support beams. Often, rot can be a major contributor to this problem forming.

When individuals fail to have a sagging roof repaired by a contractor like Select Exteriors in a timely manner, they can expose their house to a far higher risk of suffering extensive damage from a collapse. This can be especially true in areas that experience frequent strong storms.

Why Is The Roof Turning Green?

Discovering that sections of your roof are turning a bright or dull green color can be an alarming realization. This phenomenon can usually be attributed to algae and mosses growing on the roof. While these substances may seem harmless and you may enjoy the color green, this issue can cause major damage to the roof because it will prevent moisture from being able to easily evaporate.

When you notice that your roof is turning green, you should schedule to have it pressure washed. This will remove any algae or moss that is growing on the roof. To prevent these growths from becoming noticeable, you may want to have this work done each year or two