How To Apply Window Tint

18 August 2015
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Are you looking for an effective and affordable way to increase the energy efficiency of your home? If you have a limited budget and want to increase the efficiency of your home, you should consider adding tint to your window. This article will explain why window tint is so great and how to install it on your own.

The Purpose of Window Tint

Window tinting is actually a very easy upgrade and you can do it on your own. It is also extremely effective. The tint is basically a large film that you apply to the outside of the glass pane. The tint absorbs sun and reflects some of the sun's rays to prevent your window from heating up too quickly. Rooms with large windows will not heat up as severely if the windows are properly tinted. Darker window films will give your window better solar efficiency, making them much more efficient during the summer. However, the hue of the tint will not affect the insulation of the window during the winter.

The main disadvantage of dark window films is that they reduce the amount of light that comes into the home. So you need to find products that will reduce solar heat transfer without darkening your rooms too much.

The key to installing window film is choosing the right windows. South facing windows generally receive the most sunlight so they should be covered first. However, if you have windows that are blocked and shaded by trees or other buildings, the window film might be superfluous.

Applying the Window Tint

For the most perfect application of the window tint, you need to clean your panes very thoroughly. Also, you need to make sure that you do not leave behind any lint on the window during the cleaning. The window film comes in a kit that includes the liquid bonding agents and a squeegee. The film comes in large rolls that you need to cut to size with a razor blade.

The liquid agent needs to be spread onto the glass pane. Then, you roll the film directly over the pane. Use the squeegee to push it down. You will need to vigorously work out all the air bubbles underneath the film. Push the film down as tight as possible in the corners. Then, cut it with the razor blade. Try to cut it as close as possible to the inside edge of the frame. Squeegee the edges down and double check the film for any air bubbles. This simple project will only take a few minutes on each window.

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