It's A Twister! How To Protect Your Home From Tornado Damage

8 April 2015
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People who live in a tornado zone for most of their lives generally know how to avoid the damage and destruction these storms can cause. Newcomers to the area or those who just purchased their first home, however, may need a little help when it comes to protecting their home and valuables from these notorious twisters. Here are some things you can do to keep your stuff safe.

Use Shutters

Homes in hurricane areas usually have real shutters on the windows. These are valuable assets in tornado areas, too. Boarding up your windows is a great way to keep the glass panes intact throughout a dangerous storm.

Remove Trees

Large trees provide ample shade and other benefits, but they're also dangerous during a tornado. If wind speeds get too high, tree limbs and even whole trees may come toppling down onto your home and garage. You can hire a professional tree company to remove trees that are close to your home.

Secure Your Roof

Roof damage is quite common during tornadoes and strong windstorms. You can help protect your home by making sure your roofing is securely attached to your home. Since most roofs are installed with nails, it's easy for a strong storm to lift them up and off your home. Instead, use special hurricane clips to secure your roof firmly to your walls.

Install a Storm Door

Make sure your home has storm doors that are rated for tornadic winds. Oftentimes, these are made of steel or other structurally strong materials. You should always have a safe place to go when a storm hits, and a tornado door should be installed at its entrance. These doors may also be installed at the entrance to your home, though, for extra protection during storms.

Check Your Garage Doors

Garage doors are notoriously flimsy during high pressure storms. If the wind catches just right, the entire garage door may collapse, allowing air pressure to circulate throughout your home. This may cause significant damage to your home, possibly even causing it to collapse. To secure doors properly, purchase models without windows. There are also special kits available that are designed to provide extra stability to a garage door during tornadoes and hurricanes. These kits are relatively simple to install, and the protection they offer is well worth the investment.


Tornadoes often strike without warning, but that doesn't mean you can't be properly prepared. Before the next tornado season, take some precautionary steps to ensure your home's safety.