Time To Remodel Your Roof With Style

18 February 2015
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Your home's roof composes a large percentage of your house's exterior. It also, you know, keeps the rain off your head. In short, a house's roof has significance for your home's façade and your daily life. When it's time to remodel your roof, do so with style.

Home and Roof Styles

There are as many styles of roofs as there are styles of homes. For many, the differences are not vast. However, some styles of homes require a specific roofing style, including materials.

Mediterranean and mission style homes typically require tile or tile-look roofs. Clay tiles became popular in these regions because the material reflects the hot sun away from the house. Clay tiles can be very expensive, but laminate or cement shingles come in a similar design.

The Federal style of home requires a sloped mansard roof. In this case, scalloped asphalt shingles make an attractive finish, though weighty slate is the traditional material. Mansard roofs are also common for French chateau-style homes.

Rustic styles of homes often call for deeply sloped roofs – think Swiss chalet. Such roofs deter the snow from building up and eventually caving in the structure. Shaker or wooden shingles are typical in this construction, though fire codes sometimes prevent these materials being used. Again, laminate and concrete tiles come in designs that resemble wooden shingles and shakers.

Popular Materials

Because of its affordability and durability, asphalt is the overwhelming choice in roofing materials, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors and styles, making them appropriate for most homes. They even come organic, being made out of cellulose fibers, though those made out of fiberglass are more common.

Wood, clay and slate are the roofing materials that have been used for generations. New-style wooden shingles have been treated with both fire-retardant and fungicidal chemicals. Clay and slate tiles are both very heavy and require bolstering the home's frame. However, clay tiles last up to 100 years, and slate lasts even longer.

Concrete shingles are gaining in popularity. They can be modeled after more expensive materials such as wood and clay. They also can be molded to interlock, which makes installation easier.

General Roofing Tips

As you plan your roof remodel, start with a few basic steps to lessen the work:

  • Use binoculars to inspect your roof from afar to spy cracks and missing shingles.
  • Interview contractors – not necessarily for the lowest price, but for the one who share your vision of your home.
  • Talk to your contractors about how much ventilation your roof needs.
  • Have a photo rendering made of your house with its potential new roof.

Remodeling your roof is a big undertaking. Inform yourself about styles and materials ahead of time, and discus with your contractors, such as B & J Roofing, the right roof style for you and your home.