Roof Collapse Risk: What Homeowners Should Know

2 February 2019
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With winter in full swing, there's been plenty of snowfall across the U.S. with more in sight. Unfortunately, all of that snow can spell disaster for your roof if it's already facing the potential for collapse. Many homeowners don't know the early warning signs of an impending roof collapse, recognizing it only when it's nearly too late to prevent it. Here are some of the things to watch for that could mean all that snow is leading you toward a collapsed roof. Read More 

Opening A Potential Five-Star Restaurant? Don’t Neglect To Add A Slate Roof

5 January 2019
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High-quality five-star restaurants require a lot of work to produce, particularly when working on the exterior. A restaurant with great food should look appealing to potential customers, which is why potential five-star dining establishments need a high-quality slate roof. Curb Appeal Matters to a Fancy Restaurant A restaurant is only as good as the food it serves, and even hole-in-the-wall joints can get a lot of business if their food is solid. Read More 

4 Tips To Stops Leaks Around Skylights, Solar Panels, And Other Roof Penetrations

10 December 2018
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On the roof of your home, anywhere there is a penetration, there is a risk of leaks. If you want to prevent these problems, the best thing to do is to avoid penetrations. Today, there are many modern improvements that may require penetrations and lead to leaks and wet messes in your home. Here are some tips to help stop leaks around skylights, solar panels, and other roof penetrations: 1. The Correct Installation of Skylights and Sealant to Prevent Leaks Read More 

4 Ways To Combat Ponding Water On Flat Roofs

23 October 2018
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Stormy weather can leave behind unsightly pools of water on your flat roof. Not only can it create a potential breeding ground for mosquitos during the summer, but it can also seep deeper into the roof structure through cracks and crevices. During the winter months, rooftop ponds can freeze over, and the constant freeze/thaw cycle can further degrade your roof. The key to preserving your flat roof involves getting rid of ponding water as soon as possible. Read More 

Second-Story Decks: Purposes, Reasons, And How They Are Constructed

13 October 2018
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When you think of decks, you probably think of decks around a pool or just outside the patio doors on the back or side of a house. However, you can add a deck to other stories besides the ground floor. There are equally as many purposes and reasons for doing so. Here they are, plus how these decks are constructed. Treehouse Decks Taking a page from Swiss Family Robinson or the Ewok Village, you can construct decks in trees for treehouses. Read More